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As a licensed Occupational Therapist, Pam spent many years attuned to the practices of healing others. In 2001 however, she began having profound mediumistic experiences. After much soul searching, she began extensive training in mediumship with Janet Nohavec, and numerous British mediums from the Arthur Findley College of Mediumship in England, Carolyn Myss, and James Van Pragh.

After Sept 11, 2001, she began receiving referrals from 9/11bereavement groups. This led to training in many eastern practices of meditation, yoga and other healing arts. She has extensive training in  Healing Arts and Sciences.

She has presented internationally on complementary practices in the treatment of addictions and conducts lectures and workshops on the mind/body connection, and alternative healing therapies.

Today through her private practice, Pam continues to provide a bridge between the heart and the soul as she provides private mediumship consultations, personal healing sessions, and teaches Meditation and Yoga in her local community.


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